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Best Easy Carrot Cake Recipe

Happy birthday to me! Another year, another day and only a few more months! Sooner or later it’ll be a bit busier in the next few months. I’ve been in a nesting stage.., and in preparation to getting our little one here I’ve been making one too many crafts!

Surprise giveaway! So, I’ve decided to send some to a lucky person at random! If you haven’t entered into the giveaway yet make sure to check out my post here on how to enter!

For today I want to share my favorite recipe for carrot cake. Who says you can’t eat healthy while having cake? Sally who bakes delicious desserts does go into great details about what makes a moist carrot cake. You can find her recipe here. I promise you after you’re done eating this cake you won’t regret every bite of it. I have substituted pecans as well, for almonds and they work just as great. Or if you’re allergic to nuts, you can omit them, and use dried fruits instead.

If you’re not wanting to bake a whole cake or you don’t have a round tin readily available like I did. You can use a muffin/cupcake tin to make mini carrot cake muffins! It’ll help with proportioning and even if you ate one too many, you won’t feel guilty about eating all of them!  So if you’re looking for a new carrot cake recipe I would recommend checking out Sally!

Any support, share, and love, is much appreciated!

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