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Amigurumi – Unicorns Galore – Patterns

UPDATED: December 14, 2017 with patterns, please let me know if you see any mistakes. I tend to write the patterns after I’ve made them already, and may forget some stitches along the way.

One unicorn, two unicorn, three unicorns, four! I’ve finally picked up on the unicorn rainbow train and got time to actually write what projects I’ve been working on for the past few months before my little boy arrived! There’s just so many to be showcased. Of all the projects I’ve made so far, I’ll say these ones were the most colorful ones I’ve worked on. There’s so many different ways that you can There are some patterns that I found online, and some that I made myself. So if you’re looking for a great colorful project, these would be the ones that I recommend!

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re looking for a unique gift, these will be the perfect one! I have some of them listed on Etsy. I also take PayPal payments, so if you’re interested in any of the listed unicorns here feel free to contact me via email. There’s still a bit more time before the holidays!

If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these, contact me.

Sleepy Unicorn

This beautiful and cute sleepy unicorn pattern belongs to Amigurumi Today! Thank you for the pattern. This cute unicorn is just enough to make you squeal and hug it all together. Although, it is a bit tiny for hugging. The pattern was easy to follow and for sure you can make your own customization! Make sure not to use any plastic eyes if you’re planning to give this to kids younger than 3 years old, it can be a choking hazard. Instead use embroidery thread for detailing!

Shy Unicorn

One that’s more huggable and fairly bigger in size is the shy unicorn pattern from Amigurumi Today! Depending on the hook size and yarn ply that you’re using it may vary in size. I did use 8ply yarn with a 2.0mm hook and after finishing the whole project it is fairly huggable for a child! This pattern took a bit longer to make since it takes a bit longer to stuff the limbs and body for it to be a bit firm. From the two patterns, I would say, if you’re looking for an easy quick project the sleepy unicorn would be the one to make. If you’re looking for one that takes a bit of stuffing the shy unicorn would be the pattern to follow. Either or, both are beautiful to make and have!

Lil’ Baby Unicorn

Another cute pattern to follow is from Little Yarn Friends. With the contrasting colors you’ll be able to create as many versions as you like! The mane is also unique that it’s able to give you different choices to use in color. Once again if you’re planning to give these to children, the safety eyes can be choking hazards to children under the age of 3! So if you plan on giving them to newborns I suggest embroidering eyes and details!

Chubby Unicorn

With a crown! This chubb-corn was created from the idea of an extra fluffiness. This little chubb-corn will fit into your palm! To make it extra cute, add a little crown to top it off!

This pattern is worked in rounds, do not join rounds.


2.0mm Crochet Hook
8ply Yarn – 4Seasons Acrylic Yarn
Tapestry/Yarn needle
Embroidery thread/yarn
Safety eyes
Coloured felt
Hot glue/ hot glue gun


Size may vary depending on the hook that you use and the yarn ply.


All terminology is in US terms.

MC – Magic circle
SC – Single crochet
ST – Stitch
CH- Chain
Inc – Increase – 2 single crochets in 1 stitch
3SC INC – 3 single crochets in 1 stitch
Dec – Decrease – skip a stitch
Sl St – Slip Stitch – Pull the yarn through the chain stitch and the stitch on your hook.
FO – Fasten (finish) off by securing the stitch, drawing yarn through the stitch.


Head & Body
Row 1: mc with 4 sc (4)
Row 2: 3SC inc all around (12)
Row 3: sc in next st, (3SC inc, 2SC) 3 times, then 3SC inc, sc (20)
Row 4: 2SC (3SC inc, 4SC) 3 times, then 3SC inc, 2SC (28)
Row 5: 3SC (3SC inc, 6SC) 3 times, then 3SC inc, 3SC (36)
Row 6: 4SC (3SC inc, 8SC) 3 times, then 3SC inc, 4SC (44)
Row 7: 5SC (inc, 10SC) 3 times, then inc, 5SC (48)
Rows 8-10: SC all around (48)
Row 11: 6 sc, (inc, 11SC) 3 times, then inc, 5SC (52)
Rows 12-19: SC all around (52)
Row 20: 7SC (dec, 11SC) 3 times, then dec, 4SC (48)
Rows 21-23: SC all around (48)
This row is to form the mini legs. The chn 5 is worked into a round to form the feet, the 12SC will be the sides of the body connecting to the next leg.
Row 24: 9SC, (slst, chn 5, slst to form a circle, 12SC) 3 times, then 3sc (24)
Row 25: 2SC, (on the corners of the leg, you will inc, 4SC) 4 times, 2SC (32)
Row 26: 3SC, (dec, 6SC) 3 times, dec, 3SC (28)
Row 27: 2SC, (3dec, 4SC) 3 times, 3dec, 2SC (20)
Stuff body firmly at this stage before you close the bottom.
Row 28: SC, (3dec, 2SC) 3 times, 3dec, SC (12)
Row 29: (3dec) 4 times (4)
FO, sew up the hole and weave in the ends, also use the remaining yarn to close up the mini bottom of the feet.

Ears – Make 2

Row 1: MC with 4sc (4)
Row 2: SC, inc all around (6)
Row 3: 2SC, inc all around (8)
Rows 4-5: SC all around (8)
FO and leave tail for sewing onto head/body.
Fold onto each other and sew shut.
Row 1: 4SC in a MC (4)
Row 2: SC all around (4)
Row 3: inc, 4SC (5)
Row 4: inc, 5SC (6)
Row 5: inc, 6SC (7)
FO and leave tail for sewing onto head. Stuff firmly.


Start by chn 5, turn and sc in the 2nd chn from hook.
Row 1: Inc all around (10)
Row 2: Inc, 3SC, inc  (14)
Rows 3-4: SC all around (14)
FO, leave tail for sewing onto body. Stuff nose firmly, do not overstuff.
Mini Crown
Start by chn 12. Sl st in first st to make a ring.
Row 1: sc in each st around (12)
Row 2: sc in next st, chain 3, slst in 2nd chain from the hook, sc in next chain, sc in next st. Repeat all the way around (12, plus 6 points)
FO and leave tail for sewing onto head.

Mane and Tail

Use scrap yarn to create mane and tail.

S’more Uni-mallow

With winter here there’s nothing better than having s’mores around the fireplace! These delicious baked goodies are cute enough as their own, or they can be turned into mini key-chains. The decision is yours!

Marshmallow Pattern

This pattern is worked in rounds, unless noted.


Row 1: MC with 6sc (6)
Row 2: Inc all around (12)
Row 3: Inc, sc all around (18)
Row 4: Inc, 2SC all around (24)
Row 5: SC all around, then slst, chn1
Row 6: Working in BLO, SC all around (30)
Rows 7-16: SC all around (30)
Row 17: Working in BLO, SC all around (30)
Row 18: Dec, 4SC all around (24)
Stuff with polyfibre, do not over stuff. To make the top and bottoms firm insert a circle cardboard to make it sturdy.
Row 19: Dec, 3SC all around (18)
Row 20: Dec, 2SC all around (12)
Row 21: Dec, SC all around (6)
FO and weave in tail
Put details onto face, eyes, nostrils, blush, lashes etc. Add other body parts to make it into whatever you’d like!
I haven’t had the chance to write my patterns down for my last two creations here, but once I do, I shall make sure to update it here!
Until then, happy holidays!
Much love, xo.

If you used one of my patterns, please share a photo of your finished product with me! I would love to see what you were able to create!

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