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Amigurumi – Totoro Baby Toy Ring Rattle – Pattern

Hello everyone, another update for amigurumi patterns. Apologies it hasn’t been any that’s been free to follow, but today I’m happy to share a little of what I’ve been doing. Do you remember my post about the more huggable size Totoro doll I made a while ago? If you don’t, head on over to the post and have yourself a read if you’re wanting to create a huggable Totoro to keep! I promise you won’t regret it! Well I decided to go with the same theme and made another adorable Totoro theme doll, this time in mini size. This was in addition to the many things that I had been creating for the little addition to my family. Apologies for taking a while to post anything again for the past few weeks now, a lot has been going on (you can read more about this in my next post).

To accommodate to the life changes that’s taking place in my house I’ve been busy trying to get used to a new routine and making sure that I’m doing my best to take care of the little addition to my family. Along with that I also have my parents visiting to help me along the way. So definitely a lot going on. I have so much to say, but with the amount of time I have in the day it seems like it’s just not enough! So big apologies to everyone for taking so long to update you all and for being so slow at posting new content. I promise to get better and with every little time that I have I will make sure to have my content ready within reasonable time frames.

I also want to give a big thank you for over 100+ followers on my IG, and again a big thank you for over 300+ followers on FB. It’s definitely something I didn’t expect and I hope the community keeps growing! I hope that with the next few contents I won’t disappoint you all!

So on wards to what everyone’s been wanting to see, the wonderful Totoro pattern that everyone’s been waiting on!

If you’re interested in this guy, contact me!


Totoro Baby Toy Ring Rattle

This pattern is worked in rounds, do not join rounds unless noted.


2.0mm Crochet Hook
8ply Yarn – 4Seasons Acrylic Yarn
Tapestry/Yarn needle
Embroidery thread/yarn
Coloured felt
1 or 2 small jingle bells
Hot glue/ hot glue gun


Size may vary depending on the hook that you use and the yarn ply.


SC – Single crochet
ST – Stitch
CH- Chain
Sl St – Slip Stitch – Pull the yarn through the chain stitch and the stitch on your hook.
FO – Fasten (finish) off by securing the stitch, drawing yarn through the stitch.


Ring – chain 12 and slst to first ST.
SC around until you have a little tube measuring 10 inches long.
Slst in the first ch to form a ring.

Stuff the tube lightly as you work.

Bring the two ends of your 10″ tube together to form a ring, and FO.

At the moment I don’t remember what the pattern was for the mini Totoro that I had made. I didn’t get the chance to write it down as I was making it. This was made during my last trimester of pregnancy, and because it’s been so long before I actually got to write it down on my website I can’t recall the stitches. Apologies! Same with the leaf patterns and flowers, I will have to update about it later on as well!

Until the next post!

Much love, xo.

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