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Amigurumi – Snuggle blanket, baby beanie, and toy rattle – Patterns

Over the past few months now I have been slowly creating little things in preparation for the (little) biggest life changing event. And to our surprise he arrived earlier than we expected! The estimated date was the 3rd of October, but who would have known that just a few days before we went on our random 6-7 1/2 hour trip that could have resulted in a different experience. Anything else I’m still blessed that everything worked out in favor of being back home safely before he arrived. With the pain of contractions, I don’t think I would have survived being in the car for that long if he had decided to arrive around the time of us traveling!

Of all the things I have made for you, I feel like there could have been more. If only I had a bit more time in the world to make as many things as I have imagined in my head.. You would have had a box full of goodies. But just because you’re here now doesn’t mean I will stop creating more for you. I plan to make as much as I can until I get bored of it. Until now, I hope you enjoy the little things that I have created in regards to your arrival.

Snuggle Blanket

The snuggle blankets are fun and easy to make. You can make it as big or small as you want. I alternated and used the colors of blue, grey, and white. I originally was going to make the blanket bigger, but after putting the bear head on it seemed to be a bit too long, so I shorten it. However, the length can be up to you.  You can make whatever color patterns you like as well.

For the blanket I used granny squares. Using 2.0 mm crochet hook start with grey yarn. I made the granny square with 4 rows of each color, and then I finished off with 3 rows of white with a scallop edge.

You can alternate by doing 1 row of grey, 2 rows of white, 2 rows of blue, 3 rows of grey, 2 rows of white, 2 rows of blue, 2 rows of white and in the last row crochet a scallop edge, or any other edge you would like.

I then sew the head on the first grey row. Next sew the arms closely to the head. Please do not use amigurumi eyes or beads for the eyes as they might be dangerous for the little ones. Instead I used embroidery thread and sewed on some eyes.

For the bear pattern, I made it myself, I just haven’t had the time to write down the pattern and list it here. If you’re interested in purchasing one, visit my shop!

Baby Bear Hat


For baby’s beanie/hat, I found a lovely pattern from RepeatCrafterMe. She made a cute polar bear hat for her lovely little ones, but instead of making my little pumpkin’s hat into a polar bear, I just gave it bear ears and made a few alterations to what I wanted instead. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy gift for someone’s adorable little addition to the family, head over to RepeatCrafterMe’s page and make a beanie yourself today!

Bunny Rattle

Nothing’s complete without a toy that rattles! During a crafting expo I had bought a few rattle balls that I didn’t get to use until now! So with the rattle I was able to find this cute pattern from Amour Fou. I made a few alterations as well, added a tail to the bunny in the back, and I also added a bit of blush lines for the bunny’s cheeks. It’s adorable! Check my video below of how it came out, cute subtle rattle noises~

There are a few more items that I have made as well but I just haven’t had the time to photograph them, so I’ll save them for another post. So, in the meantime, enjoy the patterns listed here and make yourself or your beloved friends and families something! Or if you’re not looking to make one or don’t know how to, purchase a set from my Etsy shop!

Until next time!

Much love, xo.

If you used one of my patterns, please share a photo of your finished product with me! I would love to see what you were able to create!

Either tag me with [hashtag] dreamdrawlove or [at] dreamdraw_love

Any support, share, and love, is much appreciated!

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“Be happy with what you do, and make it good.”

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