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Amigurumi – Macaroon Animals – Pattern

These little cuties went to Japan! I made these for my lovely friends who are in Japan. They arrived safe and sound in their lovely new homes! I’m excited that they made it safely. I’m always nervous and afraid that it may get lost along the way. I always worry about nothing. However, I just can’t help it! While sending these off as little gifts, I also included a few goodies that you can only find in New Zealand for the girls to share with their family.

While hosting a few girls from Japan during their summer English homestay program with us, they noticed I had a lot of stuffed dolls. They didn’t speak English very well, and couldn’t find the word for it, until I told them that I understood that in Japanese it’s called ‘amigurumi.’ Once I told them that, they were able to explain to me that the reason they couldn’t ask me or tell me what it was in English was because the term ‘amigurumi’ in Japanese derives from 編む (amu) ‘to knit’ + 縫い包み (nuigurumi) ‘stuffed toy. Two different words that has been mixed into one. With the suffix ‘guru’ also means going in a circular motion, rolling, spiral motion. While teaching them, I was able to learn from them as well!


With amigurumi, the patterns are worked in a circular motion and isn’t usually in rows. I find these a lot easier to make than knitting. I tried, but it never stuck on! I also got bored easily with knitting.. hah!  These macaroon/macaron, whichever, however, you decide to call it. The pattern that I used as the main base was from Liz & Lottie, which can be found here. They have a very easy basic pattern that anyone can follow. I highly recommend for you to check it out if you’re wanting to try.

However, with this basic pattern I made my own little tweaks to it and turned them into cute little animals! I created my own patterns with the ears and made sure that it reflected the real animals as much as possible, but in a cute, adorable, huggable, form. So far I’ve made bears, koalas, and piggies! I’m planning on making a few more as well once I get more time on my hand. Maybe rabbits, frogs, and others? If you have any suggestions, please let me know by commenting below.

I’ll post the pattern for the ears soon, I had to refix my blog, while moving it seemed to have erased some of the memory, so I’m starting back on scratch, so please bare with me as I get them back up!


The pink bear was made with acrylic 8ply yarn, 3mm crochet hook, 9mm safety eyes, white felt, and embroidery thread. The purple bear was made with Moda Vera yarn, I forgot which one it was, but it’s extremely soft. I don’t remember if it was cashmere, merino, or angora? One of the mix between the three. Anyways, the ribbons were added for extra cuteness, and the bells and key-chains so they can be used as accessories. While in Japan on vacation (can read more on it in my travel posts), I noticed a lot of love for key-chains, so that’s why I sent them these handmade ones! I hope they like them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Would you like to purchase one? Just contact me!


Bear Ears – Make 2

Rw 1 – 6sc in MC (6)
Rw 2 – 2inc (12)
Rw 3 – 12sc (12)
Rw 4 – 5sc, 1dec (10), FO with tail for sewing
Carefully stuff ears with a little bit of poly-fill.


For this koala, I used the same Moda Vera yarn, and added a black felt nose for this cutie. The yarn used for it’s filling is the pink acrylic yarn.


Koala Ears – Make 2

Rw 1 – 6sc in MC (6)
Rw 2 – 2inc (12)
Rw 3 – 12sc (12)
Change to secondary color for inner ear.
Rw 4 – 5sc, 1dec (10)
Rw 5 – dec x5 (5) FO

Do not stuff ears, push inner ear into main color.


For this cute piggy, I used acrylic 8ply yarn, with the purple Moda Vera yarn as it’s filling. All of my dolls are stuffed with poly-fill.


Pig Ears – Make 2

Rw 1 – 4sc in MC (4) chain 1, turn
Rw 2 – 2inc (8) chain 1, turn
Rw 3 – 8sc (8) FO, leave tail for sewing

These ears are not worked in rounds, I started a MC because it was easier for me to work with, however, I made sure not to join rounds. Sew onto the head with the rounded sides facing outwards away from each other. The ears should both look like half circles.

If you used one of my patterns, please share a photo of your finished product with me! I would love to see what you were able to create!

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Any support, share, and love, is much appreciated!

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    Thanks for the shout out! Glad you liked the pattern. Your little animals are so gorgeous!

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      Hi Liz, many thanks for your pattern! I’m happy you like my little animals!

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    thanks this is cute I LOVE THIS PATTERN!

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      You’re welcome, I’m glad you love it.

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    thanks for the pattern I LOVE THIS PATTERN!

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