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New Zealand Travels – Lavender Farm Review

Ah, the smell of lavender! I can still smell it now~ I never got to posting the small amount of photos that I got from the time I went to this beautiful lavender farm with one of my sisters from another mister, you can find her blog here! We were there to take some beautiful photos of her and the lovely outfits that she had for the day~ The place was absolutely amazing and the smell of lavender was just so calming! This was the place to go to if you were ever stressed and or was looking for a beautiful getaway from the city! I would recommend this as one of the places to visit if you enjoy flowers and nature!

Did you know that lavender also has healing properties that could help you in your life? You can read more about it here. While I was there I did get some lavender infused bath salt, and boy, did it work wonders! Just a tablespoon into the hot water bath and relax away for the night! Not only did I purchase it for myself but I wanted to help support the wonderful family that opened their lavender farm to the public for visiting! I am a bit sad to say that the day we were visiting I did notice that the property had gone up for sale, so I don’t really know if it’s still the same people owning it or if it has been sold to a new owner. Even so, I am grateful I got to visit this place before it changes or changed.

Now on the day that I did visit the lavender farm with my girl friend and her husband, I didn’t take much photos but I did get to go back the following weekend with my husband and shared the experience with him! Although the owners were already harvesting a majority of the lavender for the end of the season, we were still able to get a view of some of the remaining flowers! And now that I’m finally going through my photos, I just wanted to share some of the beautiful farm views that I was able to capture for you all.

By the time you arrive onsite, you do notice that it’s more into the countryside. However, that’s great news! There’s not much traffic noise and annoying events background noise going on. Once you step out of your car you’re able to smell the strong smell of lavender in the air! Take in a few deep breaths and make sure to hold it for a few seconds before exhaling. I promise it’ll start you onto your journey of relaxing! Unless you have pollen allergies like me! Make sure you take a few antihistamines before visit the place! It’ll help with your sinuses! If you’re planning on visiting the farm, just a little advice, during peak hours there are a lot of people. So expect to park on the side of the road and expect to wait your turns at taking photos. Although there’s plenty of space around the farm if you’re looking for the right spot to shoot from, expect it to be already in use.

As you walk closer to the lavender bushes you can hear the busy buzzing of bees. Lots of busy bees working to get pollen to make honey. If you’re afraid of getting stung like me, don’t worry, they’re too busy to bother with you. Although do be careful as you trend your way into the bushes because one, you don’t want to destroy the bushes, and two, you don’t want to be an annoyance to the bees. Even if they are busy you’ll never know! Just be careful. Being here makes you realize how lively it is and for me it helps me take a step back from my busy life to appreciate all the little things that’s happening. I find that sometimes when you get so busy in life trying to work, care for others, and try to catch up on getting rich that you sometimes forget to take a step back, relax, and breathe for yourself.

While you’re visiting the place, make sure you step into their little shop. In this shop you’ll be able to see the great machinery that is used to extract the lavender oils/essences to produce the products that they stock. When you make your way into the shop make sure you look up to the ceiling! There you will see bundles of lavender being hung dry before getting processed. It’s a view that you wouldn’t normally think about, you can see the photo at the very beginning of my blog. It’s just beautiful!

I do want to say thank you to Alphra Lavender that opened their doors to the public to wonder through their lavender farm! They’re located in Te Awamutu, New Zealand. Visit their website for more information in regards to when the flowers are in season, etc.

I promise you, if you love flowers, this is the place to go!

Until the next adventure, xo.

Any support, share, and love, is much appreciated!

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