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Tsum Tsum Dolls

Hi everyone, it’s been a while! It’s off to another week with another adventure! It’s that time to start thinking about what else can I make? There are so many projects that I want to create, but because I loose interest, or get too tired after a while I tend to stop half way. Hopefully as the weeks comes by I’ll get to finish off the rest of the remaining projects, and start new ones that can be as cute as can be!

Today’s project was the tsum tsum dolls from Disney/Sanrio. These little dolls are stack-able, and as you know they are pretty collectable and you probably have seen a lot of them around many toy stores. I decided to make my own Sanrio characters and have successfully created a few from the many characters from Sanrio. Maybe one day I’ll get to creating the whole list, but today’s not the day. Instead I made a few to test and I will say I’m quite happy with how they turned out!

While making these, if you use little sand bags, or even a weight bag it will sit better. For the ones that I made, I didn’t use any weight bags and it was still pretty good. However it’s up to you. If you would like it to be more sturdy pick between the two. These dolls aren’t too big, or too small, if you would like to make a bigger doll I would recommend making your round for the face bigger and then continuing the tube like body to the length that you would like. This pattern isn’t complicated and I would recommend that if you got some spare time this project would be a simple one to complete within the hour or so.

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Back to the pattern! Depending on the character you’re planning on making, I used reference photos to follow for placement of limbs and placement of colour changes.
The following patterns below are for basic limbs.

Tsum Tsum Dolls

This pattern is worked in rounds, do not join rounds.


2.0mm Crochet Hook
8ply Yarn – 4Seasons Acrylic Yarn
Tapestry/Yarn needle
Embroidery thread/yarn
Safety eyes
Coloured felt
Hot glue/ hot glue gun


Size may vary depending on the hook that you use and the yarn ply.


MC – Magic circle
SC – Single crochet
ST – Stitch
CH- Chain
Inc – Increase – 2 single crochets in 1 stitch
Dec – Decrease – skip a stitch
Sl St – Slip Stitch – Pull the yarn through the chain stitch and the stitch on your hook.
FO – Fasten (finish) off by securing the stitch, drawing yarn through the stitch.


Start with your main colour for the face and body. This is worked in rounds.

Row 1: MC with 6 sc (6)
Row 2: Inc all around (12)
Row 3: SC, inc all around (18)
Row 4: 2SC, inc all around (24)
Row 5: 3SC, inc all around (30)
Row 6: 4SC, inc all around (36)
Row 7: 5SC, inc all around (42)
Row 8: 6SC, inc all around (48)

Rows 9-14: SC all around (48)

Change to second colour if you’re needing to make a shirt or so follow rows 15-23. If you don’t need to change colours, keep following through with rows 14-28.

Rows 15-23: SC all around (48)

Change back to body colour.
Rows 24-28: SC all around (48)

Row 29: 6SC, dec all around (42)
Row 30: 5SC, dec all around (36)
Row 31: 4SC, dec all around (30)
Row 32: 3SC, dec all around (24)
Row 33: 2SC, dec all around (18)

Fully stuff with poly-fill and place weight/sand bag here.
Row 34: SC, dec all around (12)
Row 35: Dec all around (6)



Legs – Make 4

Row 1: MC with 8SC (8)
Rows 2-4: 8sc all around (8)

FO, and leave tail for sewing onto body.


Circle (bear) Ears – Make 2

Row 1: MC with 6SC (6)
Row 2: Inc all around (12)

Rows 3-4: SC all around (12)

Row 5: SC, dec all around (8)
Row 6: SC all around (8)

FO and leave tail for sewing onto body.


Triangle (cat) Ears – make 2

Row 1: MC with 3SC (3)
Row 2: Inc all around (6)
Row 3: SC, inc all around (9)
Row 4: 2SC, inc all around (12)
Row 5: 3SC, inc all around (15)
Row 6: 4SC, inc all around (18)
Row 7-9: SC all around (18)

FO, leave tail for sewing onto head.

If you do make an amigurumi doll with one of my patterns please share a photo of your finished product with me! I would love to see what you were able to create!

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Any support, share, and love, is much appreciated!

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Be happy with what you do, and make it good.<3
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All photos taken with Fujifilm X100T, June 2017.


  • July 18, 2017 at 2:40 am
    Jamie E.

    These are adorable! I looked through your social media and love your content! You’re talented! I found you on IG while looking searching #crochet.
    Following on IG: @Kuuipoforu
    Facebook: Jamarie Niwre
    Tumbler: kuuipoforu

    Thanks for the chance! I love your work and my nieces love Tsum Tsum! Adorable! Good luck everyone! 🙂

    • July 18, 2017 at 6:09 am

      Thanks Jamie! Glad to hear you like them!

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