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Tokyo Tower

After our morning walk around the area of Akasaka where we stayed the night, we decided to venture further around. Thinking about our next big place to visit, Tokyo Tower was one to cross off the list. With that in mind we decided to make most of our day and do as much as we could until we got tired. The area of Akasaka didn’t seem to be too far apart from a majority of the other places. It’s in a nice central location of where we wanted to be to see much of Tokyo, but not get stuck in the busy areas.

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Instead of heading to the subway stations and taking the train to our next destination, we decided to keep walking on foot. Which was a wonderful idea because we would have missed all the wonderful views of the intercity life. The idea wasn’t too bad… until the humidity reminded us how horrible the idea was! Despite that, it still saved us some money for the upcoming trips around Japan. As the sun slowly makes it’s way above us for the after noon, our sweat continues to drip down our face and backs. We set our next destination into Google Maps and followed the walking directions on our handy iPhones.

With the summer heat and humidity, we didn’t come to Japan prepared with handkerchiefs, or face wipes. Instead we grabbed some handkerchiefs at the local 7Eleven store. This little convenience store has everything that you will and would need from handkerchiefs to the wonderful clear umbrellas that you see everyone carrying around when it rains. Family Mart is another great place to visit if you need anything else that you may have forgotten, or didn’t think of packing with you.

The roads weren’t as busy since it was Sunday morning. However, as the afternoon rolled along the streets started to get a bit busier with everyone heading out to where they needed to be. As we made our way to Tokyo Tower, I noticed that with the smallest places there were little shrines, or little shops that would be set up in these areas. Although it may be tiny, I notice they make the little places work for them. The walk took about an estimate of 30 minutes on the GPS, but a lot of stop and go as I took pictures along the way and or stopped to take a rest from the humidity. If it wasn’t the humidity and the hot sun, the walk to the tower was a wonderful one.

Once we got to the closer area of Tokyo Tower, you could already see the top. This little back neighborhood that we cut through was quite a beautiful one. As we were walking through, we noticed a few elderly ladies dressed in their best kimonos walk by. You can sort of see them in the far left hand with their umbrellas. Along with this photo, I wanted to capture the little circle markings that were put into this path way. It adds a unique touch to this neighborhood. Once we passed this neighborhood we were close to the parking lot of Tokyo Tower!

As we made our way to the ticket window we noticed the line wasn’t as long yet, we beat the tour bus groups! I don’t remember looking at the time when we got to the ticket window, but it was before noon that’s all I can say. We paid for our general admission to the main observatory, which is 150m and opted to even go to the very top floor, which is at 250m . Check the main website here for admission fees and deck levels. After admissions you’ll make your way into the tower floor where you’ll be directed to line up for the elevator lifts to take you up. The lifts are quite big, but they like to cram as many people in as possible (watching the weight limit of the lift of course). So if you’re a person who doesn’t like your personal space being invaded, or you’re a bit claustrophobic this wouldn’t be for you. You’ll be riding this lift with plenty of other people and the tower guide all jammed into this one box.

While in the elevator directions, along with some history of the tower will be announced in multiple languages. The one announcement that stood out to me was the one about the lift making shaking noises as it reaches the 100m mark or so.. The horror. I’m afraid of heights.. So to keep my mind off of these things I imagine funny scenarios like, what if someone farted in the elevator while we were just about to take off, hehehe imagine the ride up right? Everyone dashing out of the lift as they’re trying to gasp for clean air. Haha, so random. But. Yes. It can happen!

Once we reached the 150m mark, we were let out onto the main observatory. The view was beautiful. It definitely gives you a 360 degree view of Tokyo. Within the main observatory, there’s a shrine that’s set up there as well. You can pay your respects and even buy little charms here. After enough photos were taken we got in line to get back on the lifts. After making it back down to the main floor, we had a look around the One Piece Theme park there. I didn’t get to take any photos of the place, because I was too distracted with finding food since we didn’t have much of a breakfast.

The amount of things to do around the tower itself was plenty. There are a variety of things to look at and do in the tower itself. After taking our photos, the crowd started to get bigger with the tour buses showing up, so we decided to leave before we got stuck in with the crowd. We decided to make our way to Shibuya for a lovely treat of all you can eat sushi brought out to you on a conveyor belt!

Also tune in next week for another pattern for my latest amigurumi doll!

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All photos taken with Fujifilm X100T, September 2016.

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