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Shirokuma from Sumikkogurashi

Shirokuma – literal translation meaning white bear, is from the Sumikkogurashi group of characters. Sumikkogurashi is a branch from the Sanrio main characters. Shirokuma falls into the San-X character category. While I was in Japan I ran into a lot of these cute little characters. There were so many plushies from all sorts, I didn’t know which one I should buy! Or how many I should buy! While going around these shops my husband happened to take a photo of me hugging a Neko plush, another character from the Sumikkogurashi group. The extreme baby softness of the fabric, and the fluffy feeling from that doll was so adorable and so hard to resist from not hugging! I really wanted to buy one, but we were still trying to finish traveling around Japan before shopping for any souvenirs. We didn’t want our luggage to get too heavy. Sad, super sad, I know.. So instead of buying any! I decided to make one!! Tada! I’m going to be making one of each character, so far I only got the one down. The others will show up sooner or later, no worries!

I’m also planning to make a bigger huggable one but at the moment this palm sized Shirokuma will do! This cute little guide here explains in great detail about each and every character. From the giant Sumikkogurashi plushies that I found in Japan I was able to make this pattern. I hope you enjoy making this guy as much as I did.

This pattern is worked in rounds, do not join rounds.


2.50mm Crochet Hook
8ply Yarn – 4Seasons Acrylic Yarn
Tapestry/Yarn Needle
Pink felt


About 10cm tall, not counting the ears height.


MC – Magic circle
Sc – Single crochet
Inc – Increase – 2 single crochets in 1 stitch
Dec – Decrease – skip a stitch
FO – Finish off



Shirokuma Pattern


Rw 1: MC 6sc (6)
Rw 2:  inc all around (12)
Rw 3: sc, inc (18)
Rw 4: 2sc, inc (24)
Rw 5: 3sc, inc (30)
Rw 6: 4sc, inc (36)
Rw 7: 5sc, inc (42)
Rw 8: 6sc, inc (48)
Rw 9 – 23: 48 sc around
Rw 24: Dec, 6sc all around (42)
Rw 25: sc all around (42)
Rw 26: Dec, 5sc all around (36)
Rw 27: sc all around (36)
Rw 28: Dec, 4sc all around (30)
Rw 29: sc all around (30)
Rw 30: Dec, 3sc all around (24)
Rw 29: Dec, 2sc all around (18)
Rw 30: Dec, 1sc all around (12)
Rw 31: Dec all around (6)

Stuff body firmly with poly-fill. The body will come out looking a bit like candy corn shaped.


Tail – Make 1

Rw 1: MC 6sc (6)
Rw 2:  inc all around (12)
Rw 3: sc, inc (18)
Rw 4 – 7: sc around (18)
Rw 8: dec, sec (12)
Rw 9: dec around (6), FO, leave tail for sewing onto body.

Stuff with poly-fill.


Arms – Make 2

Rw 1: MC 6sc (6)
Rw 2:  inc all around (12)
Rw 3 – 6: sc around (12)
Rw 7: dec, 1sc all around (6), FO, leave tail for sewing onto body.

Lightly stuff the arms with a little poly-fill. Do not over stuff.

Legs – Make 2

Rw 1: MC 6sc (6)
Rw 2:  inc all around (12)
Rw 3 – 7: sc around (12), FO, leave tail for sewing onto body.

Lightly stuff the arms with a little poly-fill. Do not over stuff.

Ears – Make 2

Rw 1: MC 6sc (6)
Rw 2:  inc all around (12)
Rw 3: sc, inc (18)
Rw 4 – 5: sc around (18)
Rw 6: dec, sc (12)
Rw 7: sc around (12)

Do not stuff the ears, fold the ears in half and pinch the bottoms together.

Cut some pink felt and either sew onto the ears, or hot glue the felt onto the ears. I found it a little easier to glue the ears on, but if that’s not in your reach, sewing is just fine.



Sew the ears, legs, and tail onto body.
Sew the eyes and nose onto the body with brown embroidery thread.

Now we can’t forget the lovely cloth that Shirokuma always has with him. Furoshiki meaning ‘wrapping cloth’ is Shirokuma’s luggage.


Furoshiki Pattern


Is worked in rounds, do not join rounds.

Rw 1: MC 5sc (5)
Rw 2:  inc all around (10)
Rw 3: sc, inc (15)
Rw 4: 2sc, inc (20)
Rw 5: 3sc, inc (25)
Rw 6 – 7: sc around (25)
Rw 8: 3sc, dec (20)
Rw 9: 2sc, dec (15)
Rw 10: 1sc, dec (10)
Continue on to ties/ears of bag.


Bow/Ear Ties

The ties/ears of the bag will be worked in rows, NOT rounds.

Starting with Row 11: 3sc, ch1, turn
Row 12: 3sc, ch1, turn
Row 13: 3sc, ch1, turn
Row 14: 2sc, ch1, turn
Row 15: sc

Now we will be working down one side of the ear.

4sc down to the starting point to row 11. Once you’re at row 11, sl st into the 3rd st of row 11 where row 12 ends.

Now working on row 11, dec between 2 st’s then start the next tie/ear.

Row 16: 3sc, ch1, turn
Row 17: 3sc, ch1, turn
Row 18: 3sc, ch1, turn
Row 19: 2sc, ch1, turn
Row 20: sc

4sc down the other side and sl to row 11, then dec and sl st to the first tie beginning on row 11.

To close off the bag, we will now we working across the opening where we had the dec.

2 dc across to the other dec between the two ties, sl st into the dec, then 2dc back across, sl st, and FO, leave a long tail for sewing the edges shut.


Final Assembly

With the long tail sew in and out of the edges of the dc to sew the tops shut.

Stuff body lightly with poly-fill, use about the size of a cotton ball. The bag shouldn’t be over stuffed, or else it’ll be too round and won’t be able to stand flat.

For the polka-dots, you can use white yarn and sew them throughout the bag or you can use embroidery thread.

There may be mistakes on the pattern, and if you find any, please let me know. I wrote this after I already made it. However, I may have forgot some along the way when I’m typing it now.

If you do make an amigurumi doll with one of my patterns please share a photo of your finished product with me! I would love to see what you were able to create!

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All photos taken with Fujifilm X100T, November 2016.

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