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Patches the Bunny

Happy new year! Hope that your past year was great, and for your new year to be even better! My new years eve was spent being lazy at home and making up new patterns and ideas for the upcoming months. It took a while before I was able to come up with anything. As I was going through my piles of yarn I kept thinking, what am I going to do with these left over yarn? I know I didn’t want to through them away and or keep it laying there collecting dust. I try not to waste as much yarn as possible when I start on projects and so with my left over yarn, I made Patches the rabbit.

It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to make. I kept thinking about making other things such as making clothes pieces for the many other dolls that I already made or many other small things such as cup coasters or doilies. But I settled on making a rabbit.

Now, ask yourself these questions. Do you find that you have yarn balls that aren’t long enough for another big project? Or just enough for a few rounds of one color, but not enough for everything else? Don’t like wasting yarn? This will be the perfect project for you!

It only took me a couple of days to complete Patches. This is counting long breaks in between such as cooking dinner, cleaning, or just being plain bored or frustrated, etc. I promise it’s an easy project for you to do. All that this project requires is the knowledge of how to add a second color in your rounds.

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Patches the Bunny Pattern

This pattern is worked in rounds, do not join rounds.


2.50mm Crochet hook
8ply Yarn – 4Seasons Acrylic yarn
Tapestry/yarn needle
Pink  & white felt
9mm – Safety eyes
Poly-fill (stuffing)


About 10cm tall, not counting the ears height.


MC – Magic circle
SC – Single crochet
HDC – Half double crochet
Inc – Increase – 2 single crochets in 1 stitch
Dec – Decrease – skip a stitch
FO – Finish off


Row 1: MC 6sc (6)
Row 2: inc all around (12)
Row 3: SC, inc (18)
Row 4: 2sc, inc (24)
Row 5: 3sc, inc (30)
Row 6: 4sc, inc (36)
Row 7: 5sc, inc (42)
Row 8: 6sc, inc (48)
Row 9: 7sc, inc (54)

R0ws 10 -18: sc all around (54)

Row 19: Dec, 7sc – repeat all around (48)
Row 20: Dec, 6sc – repeat all around (42)
Row 21: Dec, 5sc – repeat all around (36)
Row 22: Dec, 4sc – repeat all around (30)
Row 23: Dec, 3sc – repeat all around (24)
Row 24: Dec, 2sc – repeat all around (18)

FO, leave a tail for sewing onto body.

On row 15 put your safety eyes on before stuffing and make sure the head is stuffed firmly. With the felt patches around the eyes I cut 2 ovals and stuck them under the safety eyes. You can also hot glue or sew the patches around the eyes.

The white felt on the mouth and nose piece is hot glued onto the head.

Again you can chose to sew the pieces onto the head.


Row 1: MC 6sc (6)
Row 2: inc all around (12)
Row 3: SC, inc (18)
Row 4: 2sc, inc (24)
Row 5: 3sc, inc (30)
Row 6: 4sc, inc (36)

Row 7: On the back stitch, sc all around (36)

Back to regular stitches now:

Rows 8-12: sc all around (36)
Row 9: Dec, 4sc – repeat around (30)
Row 10: Sc all around (30)
Row 11: Dec, 3sc – repeat around (24)

Rows 12-15: Sc all around (24)
Row 13: Dec, 2sc – repeat all around (18)

FO, leave tail for sewing onto head.

Stuff the body firmly.

Legs – Make 2

Using a second color, or a main color.

Row 1: MC 5sc (5)
Row 2: inc all around (10)
Row 3: SC, inc, last stitch inc (18)

Using main body color;

Working on the back stitch:
Row 4: SC around (18)

Back to regular stitches now:
Rows 5: 3Hdc, 12 SC, 3hdc around (18)
Row 6: 2dec, 10sc, 2dec around (14)
Row 7: dec, 10sc, dec around (12)
Rows 8-11: SC around (12)
Row 12: dec, sc around (6)

FO, leave tail for sewing onto body.

Stuff firmly, but do not over stuff, you want to be able to pinch the top of the legs shut to sew onto the body.


Arms – Make 2

Row 1: MC 5sc (5)
Row 2: inc all around (10)
Row 3: SC, inc (15)
Row 4: Dec, SC (7)
Rows 5-10: SC all around (7)

FO, leave tail for sewing onto body.

Stuff firmly, but do not over stuff, you will need to be able to sew the top of the arms shut to sew onto the body.

Ears – Make 2

Row 1: MC 6sc (6)
Row 2: inc all around (12)
Rows 3-9: SC all around (12)
Row 10: Dec all around (6)

FO, leave tail for sewing onto body.

For this doll I did not stuff the ears. You’re more than welcome to stuff the ears if you prefer to.

If you’re not stuffing the ears pinch the ear together and sew onto head.

If you’re stuffing the ears make sure to not over stuff so you can pinch the tops and sewed shut.


Row 1: MC 6sc (6)
Row 2: inc all around (12)
Row 3: sc all around (12)
Row 4: dec all around (6)

FO, leave tail for sewing onto body.

I ran out of pink yarn before I can finish the tail! However, this will be the size that you’ll need if you want to put a little cotton tail on!

There may be mistakes on the pattern, and if you find any, please let me know. I wrote in the process of making the parts, however, now that I’m fully writing the pattern out I may have forgot some along the way.

If you do make an amigurumi doll with one of my patterns please share a photo of your finished product with me! I would love to see what you were able to create!

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The patterns listed on my website is/are original patterns by N. Bailey of DreamDrawLove (2017) unless noted elsewhere. Please do not claim the patterns as your own. If you wish to share the patterns, you may link to the pattern but please do not reprint it on your site. DO NOT sell the doll and pattern or distribute it. Permission is NOT granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind. Thank you for understanding!

Any support, share, and love, is much appreciated!

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Be happy with what you do, and make it good.<3
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All photos taken with Fujifilm X100T, January 2017.


  • August 3, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    An English Spot that is well marked “will not show off the markings without the correct body type.

    • December 14, 2017 at 10:11 am

      Would you be talking about a specific breed of rabbits?

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