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Nautical Theme Shower

Hello everyone~ Hope you’re all doing well! Apologies it took so long to post an update. In the last month of July, I have been full on busy with getting ready to travel back home for an overdue family visit, and planning for the next big move for my own expanding family! My travel back home was quick and brief but within that small amount of time I accomplished more than what I thought! So much happened, maybe too much happened while I was back home for a visit!

During the week we landed my parents had planned a ceremony to welcome my new sister-in-law into the family! In my language we call it hu plig. I didn’t get any photos of this taking place. The weather was beautiful! There were plenty of good home cooked food from nqaij qab zib (sweet pork and eggs) to egg rolls, booze, and plenty of mouths to feed. This lasted from morning to sunset with lots of families and friends enjoying, celebrating this wonderful moment.

This cute diaper cake was made by my creative, very helpful sister in law. Thank you! It looks adorable! Just the way I like it!

The following day after we had another ceremony called ua neeb, to call our new bundle of joy’s spirit into the family. This took place in the early morning after and lasted until midday, which we rushed off after it finished to finish setting up/decorating a very last minute baby shower. It was filled with simple decorations, but to me, that was enough to make it beautiful. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that makes things great! Along with the decorations my sisters’ in law also helped with prepping enough food to feed all the hungry mouths that came today to help celebrate and welcome our little boy.

From aluminum trays filled with heartwarming food, to decorated onesies for the new addition. It was plenty of hard work and plenty of fun. I don’t think I could have done this without the extra helpful hands of my lovely sisters, mother, and sisters’ in law. Thank you!

Being 31+ weeks pregnant, it wasn’t a good idea to be on my feet so much of the time because by the end of each night both of my feet swelled up like someone had stomped on them and was super sore. Never, would I want to go through that again. So, if you’re pregnant, don’t do what I did! I would hope that if that many events took place it would be evenly spread apart in weeks so you don’t feel like you’re being rushed from one place to another..

The following days after my parents closed in on a new house and the next few days we were helping them shift their items into the new house up to the day that we left the States again. Imagine all of this taking place and being sick with flu/cold like symptoms. Dead.

Although at the time it felt chaotic and I was mostly sick the second half of my time there, I feel like with the little amount of time I had it gives me the chance to reflect. Reflect on life, reflect on the relationships that I have/had, reflect on myself, etc. It’s not often that you can take a step back and realize how much life and those around you have changed/grown. It makes me appreciate and become even more grateful to have the kind of family and friends that I have, and to have these special family and friends in my life still.

Surprise giveaway updates!

Hello all, please note, there weren’t enough entries into the giveaway so this time around I will hold off on selecting a winner. However, do keep an eye out for the next giveaway, this time it will include artworks, stuffed dolls and many more! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Upcoming post..

I’ve been working on creating more huggable dolls, so as I finish writing my patterns they will slowly be posted up! So keep an eye out for the next few posts for more cute, cuddly, soft animals!


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All photos taken with Fujifilm X100T, August 2017.

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