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Holiday Sweets

Slowly the holidays are creeping up! Time for baked goodies! Time for making fun memories with family and friends! Most of all the baked goodies! Who doesn’t love baked goods? You can feed me with as much baked good as possible. I will never say no. I’m excited to start baking again, and hopefully I won’t eat them all myself. I will probably end up sharing! That I don’t mind. Only the more reasons to bake and share!

I’m excited for all the festive days, especially all the colorful decorations! However, compared to back home… the feeling of festivity isn’t really here.. I noticed.. There are a few places around that gets decorated, however, I don’t think it gets that big around here. I still wake up thinking there will be snow on the ground. It’ll always be a bit strange that it’ll be summer for Christmas/New Years and there’s no snow around. I’m not complaining, I’ve had my shares of winter! Maybe about 2-3 too many winters! I’m definitely ready for summer and some sun! Slowly summer is making it’s way here from spring.

To make it a bit easier for me to cope with homesickness, I’ve been putting up decorations at work. Slowly it’s getting there, it may not be much, but it’s definitely something that I’m happy to do. I think a few people were a bit taken back that the decorations are up so early. I understand the cultural norms are different but I would never hesitate to share my reasons. I find it opens up everyone’s mind to the different possibilities! Why not?! I know it can get a bit boring and bland in life, but why not change it up and do things a bit differently everyday. Why would you make yourself do the same thing everyday if you’re going to hate it?! So change it up! I enjoy what I do everyday and I always plan to do things a bit different. Who knows, you may be able to find an easier way to finishing a task or project, or you can even inspire others to do something they were hesitant on doing! Life should be full of surprises!


With these surprises, I drew some baked goodies. I call it rainbow goodies! After I finished coloring this drawing, I baked myself some chocolate chip cookies. Haha! I hope it inspires you to bake some goodies as well!

Until the next post!

Much love, xo.

Any support, share, and love, is much appreciated!

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