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Halloween Madness

This was drawn on Halloween, and I finished coloring it the day after but never got the time to post it up! I’m behind! Happy Halloween! I know it’s not celebrated everywhere, but in America it was the second best holiday compared to Christmas! I mean, look at all the free candy you get! I’m a sucker for free unlimited supply of candy. Who isn’t?

In New Zealand, it’s a holiday that’s slowly catching on, but still not as big. Which I understand in all countries, it’s not the same. For me it’s just a bit strange not seeing the neighborhood being decorated and seeing children dressed up and running about trick or treating. Although there are stores that sell decorations, it’s just not a common for families to purchase them and decorate their house. Growing up in America and celebrating it every year with my family, friends, and it’s just become a bit weird not seeing it happen.

In my contribution to Halloween I drew this lovely picture. I think I prefer the line art version better, I’m usually a person that likes lineart. Personally it’s because you can see the small details better, or put more details per stroke. Others prefer color/colour, maybe it’s just because I’m not very confident with my way of coloring yet, but I’ll include the two for you to decide!





Which do you prefer? Lineart? Or colors?

Much love, xo.

Any support, share, and love, is much appreciated!

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