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Blue Springs – Te Waihou Walkway

If you’re ever visiting New Zealand, and you’re in the mood to look for something to do around water and hiking. This will be the place to go! Although it’s quite popular because of it’s natural blue color, it’s nothing but nature at it’s best! Just look at the photos! It still doesn’t capture how beautiful it is! Nothing more, nothing less!

Often referred to as the Blue Springs, because of it’s color. The Te Waihou Walkway is a great place for families and friends to go for a nice hike/walk together. The trails are easy to follow, and offers different routes if you prefer to go uphill, or down. See the whole walking trail information here.

In the past people were allowed to swim in this natural waterway. However, as it go more popular with tourists and even residents themselves, and I would assume the place started to get trashed and polluted. Which always ruins it for the rest of us. While my husband and I went for a walk around the waterways, we noticed young adults coming by with their swimsuits/togs with booze, etc. Although there were signs that are posted saying no swimming, there will always be the few that wants to break the rules. If you do happen to go and break the rules, could you at least make sure to keep it tidy after you’re done.. That’s always in my thoughts.

Besides that note, if you’re looking for a place to visit for beautiful scenic photos and actually enjoy the beauty of nature itself, this will be the place to go! Just make sure you visit it during the early mornings, and or before dawn. I find midday to be too hot to enjoy the views. Up to you! If you do visit I promise you that you won’t be disappointed at how pristine and blue this place is!

And remember, thank you for keeping the place green, and clean!


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