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A Head Full of Dreams Tour – Coldplay

On Saturday December 3, 2016 my husband and I decided this was the year to finally do what we wanted to do. Money wasn’t going to stop us, and even if we had work, it wasn’t going to be an excuse. Every once in a while I find that I can make plans and dreams but then once it gets closer to actually doing it, I find myself making some kind of sob story excuse to not go/or do it. So, when we heard that Coldplay was going to be in town, we decided this was it! This was going to be the start of our new adventure to not make any excuses and finally move forward with what we wanted/were meant to do.

We got our tickets not long before they sold out and on Saturday we drove out to Mount Smart Stadium, Auckland to wait for our classic favourite band to perform!

coldplay 2016

After being a long time fan of Coldplay, (since I could remember their Trouble music video playing on MTV) I finally got to see them perform for the first time! I would like to say that for my first time watching Coldplay I fully enjoyed the myself the whole time. No disappointments!


Driving from Hamilton to Auckland takes just about roughly 1hr and 40minutes, without traffic/construction. Even if you’re driving regularly, it doesn’t take longer than 2 hours, or it shouldn’t. We left early that day anyways, just to make the most of our time off. The wait at the gate wasn’t too long, with prepaid tickets once we got our wristbands and pins we were set to go! The parking was crowded and we didn’t want to wait in line and or be stuck in traffic for too long so we drove around to park nearby. We tried to arrive as early as possible, but others had the same idea as we did. But it was still worth it!

When the gates were finally open, we noticed we were parked at the wrong end of the stadium! So by the time we actually walked to the correct gate we were free to make way and find some yummy food and booze!~ There were plenty of people that showed up and showed their love for Coldplay. I was amazed, people from all ages and sizes were there.


I was too much of a boring person and felt too old to join in with the mosh-pit, instead we viewed it from above with seats and boy, was the view beautiful! Even though it may have looked tiny and may have been a bit far, I personally liked that I had somewhere to sit for the whole night rather than standing on my feet all afternoon and evening long bumping into drunk/buzzed people. But hey! Nothing against the mosh-pit, if this is something you’re into, go for it~ I’m sure the view up close was well worth the push and shoves to be close to Chris Martin and the rest of the band.

Before the main show, there was a few other artists that had toured with Coldplay. I forgot their names, but the performance they put on was great. It wasn’t as interactive as the one that Coldplay put on, but it was still a great performance. Once Coldplay came on, the main show was on the road! The crowd roared with cheers as Chris and the gang made their way onto the stage. They started off with their main hits from their new album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ and slowly incorporated their best classic top hits into the show.


Throughout the night, we all sang along to every song and didn’t want the show to end at all. With every song the performance was full of confetti, fireworks, and sparks of love for everything. If I could see them again and follow them through this tour as they make their way around the world to spread some love, I would. I say, even if you’re not a fan, or haven’t heard of them.

Seeing Coldplay live is a once in a lifetime check off the to-do list! I promise, you won’t regret it! And you can’t leave without hearing their all time classic favorite song, The Scientist!

Spread the love. Until then!

Much love, xo.

Any support, share, and love, is much appreciated!

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